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SmartSearch is the the best professional search engine that runs on ANY web site, no matter if it has CGI or database capabilities.

SmartSearch is also incredibly useful if you need to publish HTML pages in CD's, or you just want to put them in a folder for public access in your intranet.

If you need to add search to your site, you wont need any special feature in your web server: it may be your intranet server, a comercial web server with functionality restrictions (many hosting services don't allow you to do programming in your site), a personal web server, or even a free site web server. It can be ANY type of web server (Apache, IIS, ...) you don't even need to know which!!!.

You can also create search engines for your HTML based CD's. But not only that, your CD search engine will look and behave just as any full-featured search engine, providing dynamically generated results pages based on customized look & feel templates.

SmartSearch is a JavaScript, cross-browser based search system that performs client-side full-text indexed searches on the contents of a entire site, at a flashing speed. Give your Web site a proffesional look and feel adding SmartSearch to it and let your users search!!

But... what does "full text Indexing"???, well let's explain this term in the following way: it is the smart way of searching, one that uses an index that tells the search engine what words your site contains, and where they are.

SmartSearch uses the smart method of searching. Words are located very quickly thanks to a very efficient indexing system. !! Your users will greatly appreciate that!!!. Notice that, for example, if a word does not exist in your site, SmartSearch will detect it immediately, saving time to your visitor.

Search Engines for the internet can be clasified in several categories:

  • Complex search engines that require you to have CGI/Java/PHP and/or database functionality available in your server. They produce very nice results, but usually require a good knowledge of programming in languages like Perl, PHP, ASP, Java or so. Most of them (the good ones!) have very high prices... except of course, our powerful, customizable and easy to use ProRobot

  • External search engines, that will visit your site and create an index. You will be able to put a search page in your site, and they produce normally good results. Most of them will charge you a monthly fee (forever and ever!!) and some others are free... but they will put unwanted advertisement in your site. (You do not want that, do you?)

  • And there is SmartSearch, a high tech, smart serch engine built as a JavaScript engine that runs in your browser, not in your server, so you wont need a web server with CGI, database or other costly features. It will NOT put advertisement in your site, and will produce fast, reliable and nice, professional results, at a very low cost!!!
SmartSearch is easy to install: you will need to explore your site with ProRobot, which comes bundled with SmartSearch, and store the index produced in the same directory as the page with a short JavaScript fucntion. SmartSearch will produce results in a very professional format, which can be customized with a set of powerful options. From the end user perspective, SmartSearch is easy to use: just type the word or words you want to search for and click on "Search" button.

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